Modular Design sYSTEM

In an effort to keep consistency across all our products and platforms we developed the Modular Design System. The benefit being a reduction in development time through sharing assets across teams while documenting our visual language.

An audit of our team's current process

An audit of our team's current process

Design Principles Document

This document was used to communicate the purpose of the style guide and what we hoped to achieve company-wide.

Identifying levels components sit on 

Building a wall

Although a little low fidelity this wall increased visibility early on in the project in terms of what components were being used in which products.

Design sync

Once a week a meeting is held to discuss what's being worked on. Items that will impact our style guide are highlighted in front of the entire team. Even with pinning everything up and using online resources nothing beats getting together and reviewing the latest work. This offers everyone the chance to flag anything they're not sure about and most importantly celebrate some of the great work being done.


One of the most effective ways of keeping consistency is to make sure everyone in the team works off the same template. This is achieved by producing a Sketch template in Dropbox and allocating an owner to keep it up to date via version control. 

The outcome

Keeping an up to date style guide is something that many design teams find challenging. The best approach is to treat it like you would any UX project. Analyse the problem, speak to your team members and find out where the gaps might be. Communication and regular catch ups have been a key focus.